Slavery Today

It is sad that some people believe slavery doesn’t exist anymore, they think that after the North beat the South BOOM slavery gone! But, nope sadly that is not the case. The general idea when people say slavery is African Americans under the control of white people in America. Well there was slavery all throughout the history of time, before America and after America there has always been slavery. The Egyptians for example, the giant beautiful pyramids, slaves. Your giant shiny diamond necklace 90% sure it was a slave. Right now we are far from the end of slavery and throughout the history of slavery, it has not changed it is still cruel, unjust, and horrible. In the book Frederick Douglass An American Slave he writes about what it is like to live as a slave and I’ll be making connections from modern slavery to the book with differences and similarities.


In article number one “In March there was an explosion causing a total of forty two deaths.” Accidents happen a lot in factories especially in China. There are so many factory workers working in very poor conditions, with so many people willing to take the dirt poor job there is no need to improve the conditions. Their lives don’t matter because they can be replaced at any time and aren’t worth much over there because of how poor they are. In the book Frederick Douglass he says “ that is was worth a half-cent to kill a “nigger” and half-cent to bury one.” This quote means African American lives meant nothing back then. They were easy to just buy and keep restocking. These scenarios are similar because their lives don’t matter because of how poor they both are. They aren’t worth much and both easily replaced because they are slaves.MEpB0

In article number two it says “Education suffers, because parents encourage their children as young as eleven to dig or sieve instead of going to school.” This is very similar to Frederick case in where he was never taught how to read but was only worked physically, but only when Frederick decided he wanted to learn to read he did it. It was no easy path for him he had to use many different methods to learn for example  “This bread I bestow upon the hungry little urchins, who , in return, would give me that more valuable bread of knowledge.” In the article working brought in barely any food and was better to work than go to school because school costed money and was mainly for the rich. In both cases the slaves are deprived of education and are just forced to work from a young age.


Slavery is still around today and connecting these points has gave me more insight on how terrible slavery is. Frederick showed me how bad slave’s living conditions really were when I thought I already knew. Researching other slaves helped show that slaves are still being treated in similar ways even today. I learned a lot more than I thought I would and how slavery still affects the world today.

Source 1: Diamond blood mines

Source 2: Child labor in China



When In Rome

In the summer I took a trip to Rome. There was so much stuff to see and a lot of exploring to do. While walking around I saw the beautiful statues, paintings, and structures all around Rome, but some things I noticed that were pretty funny or weird to me. While walking around I noticed that the pigeons in Rome are completely different from the ones here in America. They are much more confident and less fearful than American pigeons. I walked up to all the pigeons I saw and none of them flew away they just stood there with their beady little eyes. Going back to California I tried the same thing and the birds just flew away. Rome birds are pretty much the mafia of the bird world.

image6Weird things I noticed was there were a lot of baby statues or just their faces. Mostly every building or sculpture had a baby in it and that just peaked my interest. I don’t study art much or know the history behind these things but, I enjoyed looking at these works of art and trying to guess their origin or story because my tour guide had the thickest accent ever. I could barely understand a word she said so I mainly made assumptions there. The sights were very beautiful though, I have never seen anything like it anywhere.



What is the point of going to Rome if you don’t see the pope? The most holy man alive and I got my chance to meet him up close. Normally people just take pictures of the pope as he walks but I decided to take a picture of what I like to now call pope-ception. The picture below is me holding a chain with the picture of Papa Francisco with Papa Francisco! Two Papa Francisco’s. It was not easy to obtain this image though, I was standing on this chair and it was very crowded and the nuns were fighting to get a picture of the pope. It was crazy and I nearly fell off because of a nun shoved me, but it turned out well in the end and I am glad I noticed this opportunity to take the photo because it always brings back laughs and makes for a heck of a story.


Visiting Rome and escaping my daily life let me noticed a lot of things I didn’t normally notice back in America. I saw how people lived differently and their culture which was amazing. I met an extreme amount of people because I went to this Eucharistic Youth event for a whole week and people from all around the world came. I met every Canadians, Brazilians, Italians, and so much more, but I’ll save that story for another time.

image2 (2) - Copy

Proof that I actually took the photo, I have the yellow scarf and Beemo phone case.


Fantastic Day Isn’t It?

The twist I will be writing will be based off this short story The School by Donald Barthelme you should probably read this to get a background of the story, but if not here is a very brief overview of the story. Basically every animal or human in this school dies and the people think it is odd, but they just shrug it off and say that they’re all accidents.meh

Now this is where the twist ending really starts.To know the causes of all the deaths at this school you must know the origin of it. The school was actually built on ancient native American soil and the natives warned them if you move that altar, a curse will be placed on this land till the end of the earth. The construction workers didn’t care they just shoved out the native Americans and instantly crushed the altar and started layering on the foundation for the school, this was around 150 years ago.


The school was very old and needed great repairing in many areas but other than that it was still functional, so kids still attended. Now everyday the teacher would walk in and give the kids a warm greeting, “Fantastic day isn’t it kids?”. The kids loved their teacher very much and responded “It’s great teach.” The teacher decided to plant some trees with the kids, but what he didn’t know was that the location they planted them was where the native Americans were buried and the soil there was extremely poor. The trees all died along with the herbs. He never knew about the natives so he simply thought it was over watering or incorrectly planted. Slowly as time went by, weird things began to happen. The teacher loved buying pets to have around the classroom but oddly enough they died one by one. The teacher gave excuses after excuses of their deaths, trying to keep everyone happy and bubbly, but a rumor going around of a black figure that some kids saw around the campus gave the teacher chills. The teacher asked the students, “what do you mean you see a black figure around campus?”. Every student responded it was a shadowy figure they see hiding in corners of school. While they were on the subject, the students also brought up that they’ve been feeling chills down their spines or something breathing hard on their necks but when they turn around there was nothing there. The teacher obviously concerned began watching them during lunch and recess but he saw nothing out of the odd.


One stormy gloomy day, the teacher was extremely late to class and all the students began to worry for their teacher; maybe he got into an accident or something happened. Then suddenly the lights began flickering on and off. All the doors and windows immediately closed. Everything was closed besides the entrance door in the room and sure enough the black figure was standing there and greeted the kids “Fantastic day isn’t it kids?”.

jessica-doorway-silhouette-c-know-media (1)


Monster Fairy

For as long as I could remember, I am gullible. When I was a child, or even to this day, I believed in myths, monsters, and various fairy tales. I remember seeing the movie poster of Seed Of Chucky and was completely frightened by it for the next two or three years. It should be noted that I never watched the movie and never will; mainly because, in my old house there was a giant stash of dolls and toys in the corner of my bedroom and I swore they would come for me when I was most vulnerable. Toy Story didn’t help much at all. Another time was when my family got a new computer and discovered the Internet. Nobody warned me about the deceit that laid before me. My brother told me about the chupacabra and I was like no way that beastly thing is real. So I decided to search it up on the Internet, and boy was that a mistake. I discovered all these fake sites saying they spotted the chupacabra with heavily photoshopped photos as their evidence. These sites were obviously fake, but as a kid, I believed that it was real because. The information and pictures that were presented before me seemed legitimate, and that is why I never visited Mexico when I was a kid.

Losing a tooth or two at a time is a common occurrence for a kid. My sister told me about how if I leave my tooth underneath my pillow, the tooth fairy would exchange it for money. Being the kid I was, I was like money heck yeah. So the night I lost my both of my teeth, I told my sister that I was going to put it under my pillow and hope that there will be money in the morning. The next morning, you guessed it, there were two quarters under my pillow and one of my two teeth were gone. I guess she didn’t notice my other tooth but the quarters weren’t any normal coins they were covered in toothpaste so they were fairy coins and I actually licked it. They were minty, but in hindsight licking coins isn’t good. With that leftover tooth I had in my possession, I tried again the next night and made the toothfairy a little fairy bed out of tissues and placed it on my nightstand. I never told my sister about it, so she never knew there was a tooth under my pillow so the “fairy” never came for it. I thought the fairy was just a little busy, so I left my tooth under there for a couple of months alongside its bed I made, but I lost hope when my sister laughed at me. I told her the tooth fairy isn’t coming for my tooth because it was a bad tooth, but she then just said very calmly oh it was just me all along. It was a really nice gesture of her, but at school kids thought I was crazy because I was convinced that fairies were real for a couple of months and I didn’t take the fact that the tooth fairy was fake very well either.Meet the Fairies_0

The Crucible

The Crucible was probably one of the hardest movies or books I have ever endured. If you’ve read or even seen the movie you would understand where I’m coming from. The play is not bad it is actually a great read or movie to watch but the problems the play encounters are solved in the most illogical way. For example in one scene Tituba was accused of worshipping the devil, of course she denied and normally you would interrogate her further or believe her but nope they took her outside and began whipping her until she confessed what they wanted to hear from her. That is not the truth that is just using force to make her say something to stop the pain..

(worse batch of teenage girls ever)

What made it worse was that the men that are whipping and questioning people are getting their information from a group of teenage girls that have little to no evidence any of these people are doing any of these things, all they do is scream and point and instantly that person is accused and this just happens over and over. If only the old men had known the whole story, the reason why the girls are accusing people, then the problem would’ve been solved easily, but nope they had to listen to the girls and killed innocent lives causing havoc among the people.

Things like this still occur today, here’s a scenario that may have happened where John Proctor will be represented by a teacher, the old men will be the parent, and Abigail will be the child. The child gets a bad grade and the parent sees it and calls up the child and questions the bad grade so the child lies and blames the teacher for being a bad teacher just like Abigail and accusing other people of worshiping the devil. The parent trusting their child rings up the teacher and blames him for their child’s bad grade just like John Proctor, the teacher is the victim. Possibly the child gets his friends to also report the teacher for being a bad teacher and the teacher gets fired because of false accusations and parents not knowing what happens at school and blindly believing in their children. The Crucible is a fantastic play but very tough at moments that just want to make you claw out your eyes.



10267791865_4550a2780f_bMarsupials marsupials marsupials try saying that three times fast. Isn’t marsupials a fun word to say I personally think it’s a very cool word in my book I just say it and it makes my day better, but what is a marsupial? You would think I would know because it’s one of my favorite words right, but nope sadly you’re wrong to tell the truth I have no idea what it means. That is why I did some research and discovered what they are and I quote from “any viviparous, nonplacental mammal of the order Marsupialia.” Now what does that even mean? To dumb it down a bit it just means that when the baby is born and goes into its mom’s pouch it latches on and stays there until ready. Now if these words don’t get to you or this is really boring and you skimmed through here is a very neat video on Marsupial Facts.

There are many different types of marsupials just to name a few would be a kangaroo, koala, and a wombat. but have you ever looked inside their pouch? It is a sight to behold and of course there are cartoons depicting the pouch to be like a shirt pocket or pocket of jeans but they’re not. Here is another video of a man looking inside a kangaroo’s pouch. Do be warned for the weak of stomachs.Inside a kangaroo pouch.

11852928005_5b9997f4a0_b         7680509914_5613ea2a46_b

By reaching the end of this blog I hope you know a little more about marsupials and if you actually watched all the videos and wasted about 15 minutes of your time hopefully it was enjoyable now here’s a jacked kangaroo to bid you farewell.